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In this major release, we are giving you the ability to see all questions from all spaces on a single page! You will see this aggregated view when opening questions from Confluence top bar navigation.

The screenshot below presents this new, aggregated view (notice that questions are now from different spaces):


You can get back to the previous global questions view by disabling the aggregated view in global settings.

List of changes

Aggregated view

With aggregated view enabled and opened:

  • Questions from all spaces are visible (where questions are enabled and provided the user has permissions to view them)
  • Tags from all spaces are visible (with same conditions as above)
  • Contributors from all spaces are visible (with aggregated points across spaces)
  • User profile activities from all spaces are visible
  • Searching questions and answers look for them in all spaces
  • Space icon and name is displayed next to questions, tags, and user profile activities
  • When creating a new question, the user can select a space where the question will be created
  • Questions, tags, and voting permissions are still taken from spaces where the content was created

Global settings

You can enable/disable aggregated view global settings page with new Show questions from all other spaces with Questions enabled setting


Other notable improvements

  • Missing addon permissions are now added automatically after pressing the Add permissions button on insufficient permissions info message
  • Improved UI of user profile pages (they look better), minor UI improvements in many other places
  • Improved error message when the user tries to open a question without proper permissions
  • Fixed opening some types of attachments


We will enable this new aggregated view by default for both new and existing customers while giving you the possibility to disable it.