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Latest changes

See latest additions to the application below, in chronological order (latest changes at the top)

29.07.2022 Watching tags

Watch tags to get notifications about questions related to specific topics.

16.07.2022 Global tags

You can now define global tags, which will be visible in all Confluence spaces.

30.01.2022 Sort questions by views

You can now sort questions by the number of views, mostly viewed ones will be at the top.

24.01.2022 Displaying created and edited dates

Displaying both Created and Edited dates for questions and answers if they were edited.

14.01.2022 New editor option: adding statuses

You can now insert statuses to your questions and answers content.

19.12.2021 Home Page widget

Questions Feed added to Home Page.

11.12.2021 Emojis

You can use now emojis in questions, answers and comments.

17.10.2021 Watching all spaces for new questions

Get email notifications about new questions asked anywhere in any space.

01.10.2021 Watching space for new questions

You can now watch space and get notifications about all new questions posted there.

10.09.2021 Aggregated view

In this large release, we are giving you the ability to see all questions from all spaces on a single page! You will see this aggregated view when opening questions from Confluence top bar navigation.

20.06.2021 Search improvements

Added searching questions and answers content, highlighting relevant phrases in search results.

13.06.2021 New app notifications options

Sending notifications also for answers and comments, and/or only for questions with selected tags

05.04.2021 Sharing question

Added ability to easily share question

21.03.2021 Tags tab improvements

New features related to tags tab: sorting, searching, displaying as list

Displaying questions with similar tags (called related questions) when opening particular question

12.02.2021 Question views

This release brings you the ability to see questions views counts

05.02.2021 Contributors, reputation points and user profiles

You can now see who’s asking questions and sharing answers thanks to addition of new Contributors tab. Contributors can also earn reputation points. User profiles were also added

03.01.2021 Support for Microsoft Teams notifications

When enabled, you’ll receive messages about newly created questions in configured Teams channel

01.01.2021 App notifications redesign

New questions notifications - multiple app connections of same type supported (e.g. multiple Slack connections)

12.11.2020 Showing similar questions

Showing list of similar questions based on your questions title when asking new one.

03.10.2020 Notifications when comment created or question accepted

We’re extending notifications to cover more cases where notification is useful (comment added, question accepted)

20.09.2020 Notifications when question/answer upvoted

E-mail notifications when question or answer upvoted. Also Unwatching questions/answers.

13.09.2020 Watching questions

We extended ability to watch questions to all users

10.09.2020 Email notifications rolled out

Mentions and notifications have been rolled out to existing customers

05.09.2020 Redesign of voting experience

Voting has been redesigned. Existing voting widget has been replaced by “Upvoted by” bar displaying number of upvotes along with who upvoted question/answer

11.08.2020 E-mail notifications and mentions

E-mail notifications will be now sent to question’s author about new answers. Users can also mention others in question/answer/comment content

03.08.2020 Google Chat integration

It’s now possible to send notifications about new questions to Google Chat room

25.07.2020 Smaller improvements

Minor Slack connection and voting improvements

11.07.2020 Stability fixes

Number for smaller fixes related to Safari support, permissions and performance

30.05.2020 Searching and sorting questions

You can now search, sort and filter questions

23.05.2020 Stability improvements

Number of smaller improvements and bug fixes: Edge support, validation improvements, opening links

17.05.2020 Tags

We’ve added ability to assign tags to questions

26.04.2020 Content editor: inserting panels

You can now insert info panels to your questions and answers

19.04.2020 Additional global settings

Global settings page has been redesigned, new settings added

12.04.2020 Slack integration

We’ve added possibility to send Slack notifications about newly asked questions

15.03.2020 Content editor: adding attachments

Now you can attach to the question or answer all other kinds of files